What To Drink in Mexico

What To Drink in Mexico

What To Drink in Mexico

Whether you need to stay hydrated, cool your mouth down, or get a good buzz going these are some of the common beverages you will encounter in Mexico. We hope you enjoy our guide on what to drink in Mexico. 

Aguas frescas – Many restaurants will offer these sugary beverages.  Make sure you are not expecting juice.  Aguas frescas contain water, sugar and either a small amount of fruit juice or flavored syrup.  Common flavors include hibiscus, tamarind, lime, and most regional fruits.  In our opinion, they are a poor substitute for fresh juice.

Jugo – These are fresh juices, almost always without sugar.  Orange and grapefruit are the most common but many others are available depending on the location and season.

Hibiscus Tea – Bright red in color, it is usually heavily sweetened but not always.  If in doubt ask ¿Tiene azúcar? ‘Does it have sugar?’


For more useful information about eating in Mexico, please enjoy our beginners guide here.


Horchata – A unique creamy drink made from rice and almonds with cinnamon and sugar.  Perfect for cooling your mouth down if you’ve burned it with some salsa.

Coffee – Known as cafe, it is available throughout Mexico in a variety of American and European style preparations.  

Hot chocolate – Mexico is well known for it’s chocolate, and if you are looking to warm up on a cool morning without the caffeine buzz, try a hot chocolate instead of a coffee.

And if you are looking for something a little stronger…


Tequila –  In order to be called a ‘tequila,’ the liquor must be made from blue agave only and produced in Jalisco state or a few other select areas.  The common varieties are Blanco – right out of the vat, has a strong alcohol taste, Reposado – aged in oak barrels for a short time, adds a darker hue, tempers the alcohol and adds a smoother and more complex flavor. Añejo is aged even longer than Reposado, and is therefore the darkest color most mild alcohol bite and most complex flavor, though this also makes it the most expensive.

Don’t forget about Margaritas….

What to Drink in Mexico
Classic Margarita

Mezcal – Like tequila, Mezcal is also produced using agave, however numerous types of agave can be used and it can be produced in a great number of Mexican states.  Mezcal has a much more smoky flavor, sometimes overpoweringly so.  Like tequila, it can be blanco, reposado or Añejo.  It is almost always cheaper than tequila.

What to Drink in Mexico

Beers –  Beers in Mexico are nothing to write home about, but they do the trick.  Below are some of the beers we tasted, beginning with the worst.

What to Drink in Mexico
Mexican Beers

Pacifico – An unremarkable pilsner, one of the worst beers we’ve had in Mexico.

Sol – Light on flavor, but light bodied and easy to drink.  Advertisements for it are everywhere.

Tecate – A pale lager without much flavor.  

Victoria – Decent flavor considering this light beer is only 4% abv.

Indio – Look for it in the colorful cans.  Adds a few interesting notes over the other light beers.

Corona – a pale lager, little complexity but easy to drink on a hot day.  If you want to downgrade, go for the ‘Especial.’

Modelo – The Especial is a medium bodied light beer, nothing too special.  However the Negra Modelo is much richer without being overly heavy and a lot more flavor.

Dos Equis – often seen as ‘XX’ in Mexico, the lager is a bit more full bodied than Corona and the Amber more flavorful but still light.  The Amber is a great change of pace without getting too heavy.

Bohemia – one of the best beers in our opinion.  There are two options, the ‘clasica‘ and the ‘obscura. The clasica is a pilsner and lighter beer, while the obscura is a dark lager, with caramel notes and a full flavor.  No matter which you get, this is the hands down best, and worth the couple extra pesos.


Want to try your beer in true Mexican style?  Ask for…


Michelada style – A combination that usually includes lime, tabasco, black pepper, salty sauces (worcestershire, soy, maggi), and sometimes fruit but usually tomato.  This combination will be put into a glass with your beer on the side.

Chelada style – Beer with lime and salt.  Great on a hot day and for dressing up the subpar light bodied beers.  If you really want to kick it up, add a half shot of tequila.

What To Drink in Mexico
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What To Drink in Mexico
A guide to the most common Mexican drinks; including alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

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