Welcome to Nutrition Abroad!

Welcome to Nutrition Abroad!

If you know me at all you know that I am obsessed with food. All kinds of food. From all countries. Most people think that since I’m a vegetarian it means that I am somehow missing out on all the deliciousness that food has to offer. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It wasn’t until I became a vegetarian 10 years ago that I began to truly explore all the flavor that food has to offer. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that if you’re not a vegetarian than you don’t understand all the flavors food has to offer. Obviously meat dishes are incredibly tasty. I just choose to eat incredibly tasty non-meat dishes.

My love for food brought on a desire to fully understand how food affects the body. So I began the long and tedious job that is grad school, studying Human Nutrition, at the University of Bridgeport. I want you to understand how the food you eat affects everything from physical appearance to mental health.  Healthy eating is not a “quick-fix” diet, but a complete change in the way you view and consume food. Your best sources of medicine are the nutrients in your food.

Nowadays I’m living abroad in Thailand, teaching Food Science and Biology to 10th graders. I wanted to  combine my love for travel, food,  nutrition, and teaching into one blog, and that is how nutritionabroad.com started! Follow me as I travel the world searching for healthy, delicious food. I’ll teach you not only how to make it yourself at home but why it’s good for you too!

Tara 🙂

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