Vietnam Traditional Meals

Vietnam Traditional Meals

Vietnam Traditional Meals

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As part of Oriental culture, Vietnam also bears inside itself the unique value, of which traditional meal is great one. Normally in the old time, family members would gather to have lunch or dinner together, but now in both rural areas and big cities where parents go to work all day or are busy with their business, people can meet each other while they are having dinner only. Why is enjoying meals so important to the Vietnamese? What kind of food do they eat? The answers are waiting ahead!

As it is mentioned above, meal is considered the intangible string to connect all members and also a chance for them to share daily stories as well as ups-and-downs to find out the solutions together. Extended families are quite popular in Vietnam so there will be grandparents, parents and children having meals. This is also the time for the old teaching the young ethnic standards and suitable social norms, traditional rules and etiquette from ancestors.

There are usually 4 main dishes in a traditional meal including salt dishes (rich in protein), bland dishes (vegetables and soups), fruits (eaten at end of the meals), and rice (the most important, irreplaceable dish). It will need small bowls to store rice, big bowls to store soups and plates for others in along with a pair of chopsticks.

Typical Vietnamese family meal - Vietnam Traditional Meals
Typical Vietnamese family meal

Let’s find out the unique features of traditional family meal in Vietnam to see if it is different with Western culture:

A meal is full of colors and savors: white of rice/fish, green of vegetables, red of pork/beef, orange of carrots or brown of peanuts, etc.

A meal that fish sauce, rice and soup are shared together: each type will be often stored in each bowl and everyone can take to their own small bowls. Foreigners can be surprised to see a Vietnamese family member use chopsticks to pick up food for others but just no worry, it is conventional here!

Fish cooked with sauce – a typical traditional dish - Vietnam Traditional Meals
Fish cooked with sauce – a typical traditional dish

A meal that children show their respect to the older: Children will invite grandparents, parents to have meals and people have to eat in politeness with no noise.

If traditional meals interest you, then Vietnam should be in your country-to-visit list with distinctive moments such as enjoying great dishes as well as spending precious time with locals. Entering Vietnam is much easier now thanks to the improvement of visa documents. Now foreigners can get Vietnam visa on arrival with no inconvenience if they travel by air because all procedures are online before applicants get passports stamped at arrival airport. What’s to wait for? Let’s come and immerse yourself into paradise of Vietnam traditional meals.

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  • Reading this article has taught me a lot about Vietnamese traditional meals. It was interesting to learn that these type of meals are full of color and are very flavorful. I can imagine how helpful these meals can be when it comes to having a flavorful and fun diet.

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