Vegetarian Creamed Spinach

Vegetarian Creamed Spinach

My original title for this dish was ‘Thai-Inspired Creamed Spinach’, but I realized it didn’t just taste Thai, but also Indian, and basically it boils down to that it is a healthy alternative to traditional creamed spinach which uses dairy.

I’ve been experimenting lately on what I can do with coconut milk. In Thailand, coconut milk is found in numerous dishes and beverages. I use it for cooking all the time as I prefer it to dairy products. I have never used it to make a creamed spinach however, until tonight. The results were exactly as I was hoping. This Vegetarian Creamed Spinach took only about 15 minutes to make, Even quicker if you have a food processor to chop all your ingredients for you! (I did not)

What makes it Thai-Inspired? I used coconut milk, ginger, Thai chili, and lemongrass. However all of those are optional except for the coconut milk.

What You Need
Spinach Р as much as necessary for your amount of people, remembering that spinach cooks down to practically nothing
Onion – amount depends on your preference
Garlic – amount depends on your preference
Ginger (optional) – about 1 teaspoon diced
Coconut Milk – about 1 cup for 2 cups chopped cooked spinach
Lemongrass powder (optional)
Chili (optional)
Salt and Pepper
Coconut Oil

1. Chop onion, garlic, and ginger into small pieces
2. Wash and chop spinach
3. Using coconut oil, saute the onions until translucent, putting the garlic and ginger in about half way through
4. Add spinach and stir
5. When spinach is nearly cooked down, add coconut milk, the amount depends on how creamy you want your dish to be
6. Add spices, such as lemongrass powder, ginger powder, salt, pepper, chili, etc.
7. Cook all together for just a few minutes then remove from heat
8. Serve alone, or over rice, quinoa, or pasta

Thai-Inspired Creamed Spinach
Thai-Inspired Creamed Spinach
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Vegetarian Creamed Spinach
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