Vegetable Tempura Shan-Style

Vegetable Tempura Shan-Style

Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable tempura’s are a great appetizer and a fun party snack. Most tempura are highly breaded, using an unhealthy flour. The Shan-style vegetable tempura that we learned how to make in Myanmar, uses rice flour and very little of it. You could substitute rice flour for an alternative flour of your choice. This dish can be ready in just 15 minutes!

Recipe from Mr. Min’s Cooking Class: Recipe Book, given to us when we took his cooking class in Inle Lake, Myanmar. Looking for more Shan-Style recipes from Myanmar? Watch the video of our cooking class where we make this dish as well as many others.


What You Need for Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura:

Makes about 12 large tempuras
(Have a wok? Results will be better)

Rice flour – Roughly 1 cup, maybe more
Spring Onion – 15 sprigs
Ripe tomato – 1 medium
Garlic– 5 cloves or use garlic paste
Ginger (paste or raw if you prefer) – 1 -2 tablespoons (depending on preference)
Turmeric Powder: Optional, 1/2 teaspoon
Salt – to taste
Water – 1 cup
Plastic Gloves if you don’t want to mix with your bare hands
Cooking oil of your choice : Coconut, Peanut, Olive, etc.

Optional – Want to add other vegetables? You can do that easily – suggestions: chopped broccoli or cauliflower, onions, carrots, corn, etc.

Additional option: Add other spices besides salt and turmeric

Directions for Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura:

1. Chop garlic finely and mix with ginger paste.
2. Chop spring onions finely and dice tomato.

Dan and Mr. Kyaw chopping spring onions for Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura
Dan and Mr. Kyaw chopping spring onions


3. Combine ingredients into a bowl together, and season with salt and turmeric if desired.

Tempura Ingredients for Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura
Tempura Ingredients


4. Slowly add rice flour to the bowl, mixing with your hands. Add the water as you go. Continue to add flour, until you have a sticky consistency. The flour should start to hold together all the vegetables. When you’ve reached a sticky consistency, you can stop adding flour.

Slowly add in rice flour for Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura
Slowly add in rice flour


Dan mixing tempura together to make Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura
Dan mixing tempura


5. Heat oil on medium heat in wok or pan that will allow at least halfway submersion of the tempura.

6. Make small semi-flat, semi-round balls o.f the tempura batter and drop them into the oil until crispy. You will need to flip them over to crisp the other side as well. Note: some pieces may break apart

Scoop balls of tempura into wok to fry Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura
Scoop balls of tempura into wok


Fry until one side is crispy to make Shan-Style Vegetable Tempura
Fry until one side is crispy


Flip over carefully to make shan-style vegetable tempuras
Flip over carefully


7. Take out and drain oil.
8. Additional Option: Make a dipping sauce, such as tamarind or mint chutney.


Perfectly completed shan-style vegetable tempuras
Shan-style Vegetable Tempura


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