Thai Basil and Wild Ginger Omelette

Thai Basil and Wild Ginger Omelette

Thai Basil and Wild Ginger Omelette

I’m sure you haven’t thought about making an omelette with basil and ginger before! I have never seen this omelette outside of Thailand. With 3 simple ingredients (only 2 if you don’t like it spicy!), it’s sure to be a hit.

Now although you could certainly use regular ginger (you would want to cut it in long thin slices), the optimal ingredient for this omelette is Thai wild ginger, also known as lesser galangal, chinese ginger, or even Thai fingerroot (the long, skinny gingers look like fingers).

The other ingredient is Thai basil, not to be confused with sweet basil, or even another type of Thai basil known as holy basil, or horapha . Holy basil is typically found in “phat kaphrao” dishes. Thai basil is considered to be spicier, with an anise-licorice flavor.

The third ingredient is Thai chili peppers, which is optional if you don’t prefer spicy food.

This omelette could be for breakfast of course, but in Thailand omelettes are served throughout the day, often being a substitute for rice. I like to make stir-fry vegetable dishes such as Fried Vegetables and Ginger, or Massaman Curry and use this omelette as a base. 

What You Need: Amounts depend on the number of omelettes (see directions)
Organic free-range eggs
Thai Basil
Thai or Chinese Ginger
Thai Chili Peppers
Coconut Oil for cooking
Sea Salt and White Pepper Powder (or regular black pepper)


Directions for Thai Basil and Wild Ginger Omelette:
1. Make this omelette the same as any other! For a better result, very briefly stir-fry the Thai ginger, Thai chilies, and Thai basil to release their aromas and enhance their flavors. The ginger should be cut into long, thin strips. I would suggest 1/4 cup per omelette.
You can add as much basil as you would like. I suggest a half cup leaves per omelette.

2. Beat eggs (as many as you prefer in your omelette – I suggest 3) and add sea salt and white pepper powder.
3. Use coconut oil as a healthy oil option to cook your eggs, add your other ingredients, keep mixing together until finished!


Thai Basil and Wild Ginger Omelette
Thai Basil and Wild Ginger Omelette

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