Kai Yat Sai – The Thai Omelette

Kai Yat Sai – The Thai Omelette

Kai Yat Sai – The Thai Omelette

Kai Yat Sai means “Stuffed Eggs” in Thai. This omelette will cost you roughly one dollar in Thailand, or 30 Baht. It’s not too different from a stuffed omelette in the States, but a few added sauces really make this omelette amazing.

Typically served by sauteing minced meat and vegetables with different Thai sauces and stuffing the filling inside the eggs. Here I will leave out the minced meat and just show you how to make the Vegetarian Kai Yat Sai.

What You Need:
Vegetables – I like to use a combination of many; including onions, tomatoes, kale, spinach, broccoli, eggplant, carrots, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, peas, etc. Add fresh basil or cilantro if desired.
Eggs – preferably organic, free range! Much healthier and packed full of nutrients
White Pepper Powder – Black pepper is fine if you don’t have white pepper 
Oyster Sauce, or Oyster Mushroom Sauce – You can buy this at any grocery store, Thai brand is preferable. 
Garlic (preferably fresh and raw)
Golden Mountain Sauce – You should be able to find this at any grocery store. Don’t have it? Soy Sauce can replace it but it might be too runny. Do not add additional salt.
Coconut Oil for sauteing
Want it spicy? Add some Ground Chili’s or Fresh Chili’s

Optional Ingredient: Top your omelette with homegrown sprouts, click here for simple instructions!

1.  Cut your veggies into small pieces, and saute them in some coconut oil first. Add garlic.

Kai Yat Sai - The Thai Omelette
Saute Veggies

2. Add a tablespoon or two of your oyster sauce, and stir. Add your pepper to taste. You can add other spices if you wish, like ground chili powder, more garlic powder, parsley, etc.

3. Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Golden Mountain Sauce

4. Add a few pinches of sugar. Thai food always has sugar in it for that touch of sweetness.

5. Set your veggies aside. Time to prepare the eggs.

6. Stir your eggs up in a dish. 2 eggs per omelette. Add some white pepper powder, and a little Golden Mountain sauce or Soy Sauce, and stir it up good.

Kai Yat Sai - The Thai Omelette
Cooking the eggs

7. Heat up coconut oil in the pan. Then pour your eggs in. Let your eggs cook enough on one side so that you can flip the entire thing over onto the other side. Once you’ve flipped the eggs, pour your veggies on top, but only on one half side. When your eggs are finished cooking on the other side, fold the free side over on top of the veggies.

Kai Yat Sai - The Thai Omelette
Flip it over!


Kai Yat Sai - The Thai Omelette
Put on the Veggies



Kai Yat Sai - The Thai Omelette
Fold Over into an Omelette


8. Serve! Top with some homegrown sprouts if desired!

Kai Yat Sai - The Thai Omelette
Delicious and just like how they serve it in Thailand


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