How To Make Vegetarian Broth

How To Make Vegetarian Broth

How To Make Vegetarian Broth

Knowing how to make your own broth is crucial as a vegetarian.  It’s so easy, only takes a little preparation on your part,  let it cook for almost an hour, drain, and it’s done!

You can use the broth for a number of different dishes. Soups, risotto, stir-frys, stews, pastas, sauces, etc. A good broth can bring flavor to almost any dish you make. You can freeze it and take it out when you need it. You can even place it in ice cube trays for the dishes that only require a small amount of broth.

It’s so much healthier to make your own broth versus using bouillon cubes. Bouillon cubes ingredients include additives and preservatives, and a crazy amount of salt. Just a quick google search pulls up the following as the ingredient list of chicken bouillon cubes:

Salt, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, chicken fat, hydrolyzed soy/corn protein, dehydrated mechanically separated cooked chicken, dehydrated chicken meat, dehydrated chicken broth, autolyzed yeast extract, dehydrated onions & parsley, lactose, water, colour, spices & spice extract, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, citric acid, tartaric acid, hydrogenated soybean oil and sulphites.

Try to avoid anything with hydrogenated ingredients, or trans fats. If you know how to make your own broth, you can not only avoid these ingredients, but add a ton of nutrients to your dish!

What You Need:
The only ingredients that are absolutely necessary are carrots, celery, mushrooms, and onion. The rest can all be optional, or replaced with other vegetables and spices. 

White onion
Spring Onions (optional)
Sage (optional)
Bay Leaves
Salt (Sea salt or Pink Himalayan) and Pepper
Ginger (optional)
Oil (coconut or olive)
Other possible ingredients: leeks, cilantro, zucchini, squash, lemongrass (in specific dishes)

Note – If you want a savory broth, don’t add ginger, but if you want a less savory dish, replace sage with ginger.

1. Chop all the ingredients.
2. Saute all ingredients in oil (preferably coconut or olive). Start with the hardest ingredients, as they will take longer to cook, then add the softer ingredients.
3. Boil in water for almost an hour (can be less if necessary). Add salt and pepper while boiling (you may need to do this several times).
4. Drain broth into a bowl, and discard the chunks of vegetables (unless you can find something else to use them for).
5. Finished! Either use right away, or store in the freezer.

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