Gaeng Keow Wan – Thai Green Curry

Gaeng Keow Wan – Thai Green Curry

Gaeng Keow Wan – Thai Green Curry

One of Thailand’s most famous dishes can easily be made in your own home! I published previously our recipe for  Cold Green Curry Quinoa, and this dish follows similar directions except you’re making soup. I would recommend cooking rice or quinoa on the side, it especially helps cool down the heat if you make it too spicy, but it’s not necessary if you’re just interested in soup!

This recipe is for vegetable green curry, but you can easily make it with pork or chicken. If you make it non-vege, I would still recommend putting mushrooms and Thai eggplants in it. Green curry is never made without Thai eggplants!

You don’t have to put exact amounts of the ingredients, taste it frequently until you have the flavor you want.

What You Need:
Thai green curry paste ~ Depending on your spice tolerance and how much curry you want to make, about 2 – 3 tablespoons (you can buy any brand of green curry paste at your grocery store).


Green Curry Paste for Gaeng Keow Wan - Thai Green Curry
Green Curry Paste


Fish Sauce ~ a must for making curries. Don’t have it? A little Soy Sauce will help give you the saltiness, but for true Thai curries, buy a bottle of fish sauce to have handy. On it’s own this stuff tastes terrible, but a teaspoon added to a curry is really magical.

Palm Sugar ~ all Thai dishes have sugar. You can add whatever you like to give the curry it’s sweetness. For this dish I used roughly 2-3 tbsp sugar. This seems like a lot of sugar but its spread out over a large dish.

Thai eggplants ~ cute little round eggplants. Chop 5 or 6 into quarters

Vegetables ~ Of your own choice – I like crunchy veggies for this dish (carrots, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc), any vegetables that get too soft would just get mushy in the sauce. I probably wouldn’t use onions either.


Veggies for Gaeng Keow Wan - Thai Green Curry
Veggies – don’t forget the Thai eggplants! (not pictured)


Coconut Milk ~ 1 to 2 cans depending on the amount of curry you want. When buying coconut milk at the store, read the ingredients. For the healthiest brand, you want the one with the least ingredients and preservatives. A good can of coconut milk should have a thick layer on top. If your brand doesn’t have this, try another brand.

Coconut Milk and Fish Sauce for Gaeng Keow Wan - Thai Green Curry
Coconut Milk and Fish Sauce


Coconut Oil ~ for frying the green curry paste. Cold-pressed, Unrefined and Organic is your best option.

Thai Basil ~ wash a whole handful or more


Cut your vegetables into small chunks

Fry 2 tbsp coconut oil, then add in roughly 2 – 3 tbsp of green curry paste, depending on your spice preference, and how much curry you want to make. If it’s for 1-3 people, you might just want 1 tbsp and 1 can of coconut milk, for more servings, 2-3 tbsp and 2 cans of coconut milk might be better. Fry the paste for a minute or two on its own. Stir often. DON’T BURN. Medium-high heat is good.

Open your can of coconut milk. There should be a thicker layer of milk on top, scoop out a tbsp of that and add it to the frying paste. Stir.

Keep adding the coconut milk slowly. You don’t want to add it all at once because it will reduce the heat too much, and the paste won’t be able to release all its flavors as well.

Slowly add the whole can of coconut milk, a little at a time, and stir. Reduce to medium heat.

If you added 2-3 tablespoons of green curry paste, then slowly add another can of coconut milk. If you had only 1 tablespoon, then you will probably only want to add only 1 can of milk, which means a lesser amount of soup.

Add your fish sauce. Add about 2 teaspoons. Stir. Taste. You don’t want it fishy, but you want to give it a nice salty flavor.

Add 2 tbsp of palm sugar. Stir. Taste. Make sure the flavors of the paste, fish sauce, and sugar are well balanced.

Add your chopped vegetables. Let them soak in the flavors for a few minutes, but don’t overcook them. Their better if their left a little crunchy. At the end add your fresh Thai basil to cook for just one minute. Add more fresh Thai chilies if you want it even spicier!


Gaeng Keow Wan - Thai Green Curry
Add veggies!


Gaeng Keow Wan - Thai Green Curry
Thai Green Curry





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