How To Make Cold-Brewed Tea

How To Make Cold-Brewed Tea

How To Make Cold-Brewed Tea

Making cold-brewed tea is a great way to increase your tea consumption! Tea is my go-to drink every morning. It wasn’t until recently however that I learned you can actually brew it using cold water. It’s really easy and gives you more time in the morning since you don’t have to wait for your water to boil and steep your tea.

I’m not talking about brewing tea in hot water and then putting it in the fridge. I mean actually brewing it using cold water only.

Which is healthier? Hot or Cold Brewed Tea? The research is still controversial on this topic. One of the reasons you brew tea in hot water is to release its nutrients – especially all the antioxidants tea is famous for.

Hot brewed tea is still typically higher in antioxidant levels, although the difference is minimal,  except if you’re brewing white tea, in which case the antioxidant levels are actually higher when brewed in cold water (Go buy some white tea!)

However, antioxidant activity for inhibiting LDL cholesterol oxidation (your “bad” cholesterol) was actually found to be more effective for all tea types brewed from cold water! Oxidation of LDL can lead to inflammation in your arteries, thus promoting atherosclerosis.

Cold brewed tea is also lower in caffeine, which is great if you’re looking for a little caffeine boost but don’t want to become reliant on the amount found in hot tea or coffee

Directions for How to Make Cold-Brewed Tea:
1. Depending on the size of the pitcher you’re going to steep it in, take a small handful of loose leaf tea leaves (a couple tbsps) and throw it into the pitcher.

2. Fill the pitcher with water.

How To Make Cold-Brewed Tea
Cold brewed tea

3. Put it in the fridge!

4. Depending on your personal flavor preference, strain the tea leaves out after 2-12 hours. I usually steep my tea around 7 at night, and strain out the leaves before 10 pm – around 3 hours. If you like stronger tasting tea, put it together before bed and strain it in the morning! The longer your tea leaves steep in cold water, the stronger it will taste.

5. Pour it into a mug and enjoy!

How To Make Cold-Brewed Tea
Jasmine Green (Left) Mulberry (Right)


SO EASY! I like to make 2 or 3 different types of tea in different pitchers, drink it every morning before work, and you have ready made tea for over a week!

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